Stove Servicing , Spares & Repairs

Here at Clarkes of Lincolnshire we can supply you with any stove spares you may require, if you require parts fitting this can be done for you during your annual service

  • Rope & Glue
  • Glass
  • Firebricks
  • Spare Parts for all Stoves
  • We also offer a selection of cleaners & cements

It is important to have your stove inspected by a licensed Hetas engineer at least once a year to make sure it is working safely & efficiently. Our engineers inspect the stove for any signs of damage & also carry out cleaning & maintenance, a well installed & maintained stove will last many years.

Hetas also recommends that chimneys are swept at least once a year, or more often if the stove is heavily used.

There are serious safety risks associated with poorly maintained appliances & chimney flues, for example chimney fires & carbon monoxide poisoning.

Our engineers are Hetas & Gas Safe accredited so you can be assured all work is carried out to current regulations & to the highest standards.

To arrange a service or to order parts please contact our showroom.


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Our Opening Times

Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm

Saturday 10am until 5pm

Sunday – by appointment only


Treatex Naturally Superior Wood Finishes

Treatex Naturally Superior Wood Finishes-

Lincolnshire’s only Treatex supplier, Come and visit us at Clarkes of Lincolnshire.

Special Offer

Stove Fan + Stove Thermometer + Wood Moisture Meter  All three for £99 !!!!!!!

Stove Fan + Stove Thermometer + Wood Moisture Meter
All three for £99 !!!!!!!

Stove Fans

!!! SPECIAL OFFER !!! Stove fans are now down from £89 to an amazing £79. Don't miss this opportunity to get yourself a new stove fan.

!!! SPECIAL OFFER !!! Stove fans are now down from £89 to an amazing £79. Don’t miss this opportunity to get yourself a new stove fan.

Sour Puss

Don't do this to your cherished pets! Come to Clarkes of Lincolnshire, we can take care of your heating needs this winter

Don’t do this to your cherished pets! Come to Clarkes of Lincolnshire, we can take care of your heating needs this winter


Home surveys are available , completed by our own HETAS approved installation team.

Within 30 Mile Radius of Showroom – A fee is required upon booking and is refunded from the cost should you chose to go ahead

Over 30 Mile Radius – A fee is required upon booking and is then refunded from the cost should you decide to proceed



Danni Clarke


We are proud to introduce our new range of Burley Fireball stoves into the showroom – the worlds most efficient wood burning stove.


A massive congratulations to Danni Clarke for passing her HETAS exam. Another new HETAS certified engineer added to our team.

A bit of advice from HETAS marketing support officer

It is often hard to distinguish between one woodburning stove and another at face value. But behind the stylish façade of a modern appliance there are a few key factors to consider before making your decision.


This calculator should give you a very rough idea of the output required for the space you are planning to heat. However, a professional installer will have the skills to size an appliance to a much greater degree of accuracy. In addition to room size, the following must be considered when “sizing” an appliance:

• Rate of refuelling • Temperature requirements • Household insulation
• Appliance efficiency

When you are in the showroom, you may find that some woodburning stoves quote net efficiency while others quote a gross figure. Arguably, the gross figure gives a more realistic representation of an stove’s performance. As a guide, to convert to ‘gross’ simply multiply the ‘net’ figure by 0.91 (for wood burning appliances) or 0.98 (for solid mineral fuel burning appliances).

The efficiency of an woodburning stove is roughly based on its design. Traditional open fires will display the lowest efficiency figures, often well below 50% (gross). Closed appliances such as room heaters and stoves are far more efficient, with a typical gross efficiency of up to (and in some cases exceeding) 80%.

Another high efficiency solution is the pellet stove. This appliance is fed with wood pellets (see below) via a storage hopper. These appliances can operate at efficiencies over 80% (gross).

Fuel Type

Firewood – If sourcing your own firewood, ensure that you “season” it to a point where moisture content is less than 25%. If buying firewood from your supplier, politely ask them to prove that the moisture content is consistent with the figure they advertise.

Avoid burning treated wood at all costs. It can damage the appliance, but more importantly your health. Following the guidance above will ensure that your wood burner stays healthy and works well for many years. Most firewood stoves can burn wood briquettes as well (but always check with the manufacturer first).

Pellets (wood) – Pellet stoves are designed to be super-efficient at converting fuel into useful heat. These stoves are capable of operating for many hours without refuelling, as an automatic feed from a storage hopper supplies pellets. The pellets themselves are a clean heating solution and require less storage space than conventional wood logs.

Installation/Home insurance

When considering your first or replacement wood burning stove, check with your home insurance provider about their requirements. In order for your installation to be deemed legal, you will need to have your stove installed by either a registered installer from a competent person scheme (such as HETAS) or the installation has to be signed off by the local area Building Control. Speak to your home insurer for more details.
About the author: Laurence Jones was marketing support officer at HETAS

Log Baskets

Clarkes of Lincolnshire are stockists of Lows of Dundee wicker log baskets,durable & exceptional quality,beautiful,affordable designs.They are fabulous for Log storage,Toy storage,etc.Many come with removable hessian lining for ease of cleaning,There is an assortment of shapes & sizes to choose from , something for every home.

Garden Trading fireside products are for sale & available from the showroom,wether it be an accessory to your own fireside or a gift for some one else,they make a lovely addition to the home.
Coal,Kindling & Ash buckets are available in this range,available in shabby chic colours,shutter blue,slate,clay & flint.We can also supply indoor & outdoor lighting,indoor & outdoor furniture & accessories from Garden Trading.

Looking for a centre piece to your patio which also keeps the chill at bay,call into the showroom to see our display of bio ethanol burners,they require no installation & can be used indoors or outdoors.Just ask for a demonstration.